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Triangle Midtown Realty

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Photo of Debbie England

Debbie England Owner/Broker In Charge

Photo of Carlos Febres

Carlos Febres Broker - Realtor

Photo of David Glass

David Glass Broker

  • Direct: 919-306-8631
Photo of Ellis Goodwin

Ellis Goodwin Broker - Realtor

  • Direct: 512-670-6323
  • Office: 919-815-7116
Photo of Margaret Cress

Margaret Cress Broker - Realtor, RCA

  • Direct: 919-414-8144
Photo of Maggie Savidge

Maggie Savidge Broker - Realtor®

Photo of Sarah Stoeffels

Sarah Stoeffels Broker - Realtor

  • Direct: 919-880-0461
  • Office: 919-815-7116
Photo of Deborah Lee

Deborah Lee REALTOR® / Broker

  • Direct: 919-264-4254